Left our campsite early to make the last 8km to Wanaka. First went to the citycenter to get a decent breakfast – omelette and waffles!

Ben and I did our food shopping and went back to the campsite to pitch our tents. Since we bought a lot of food and beer we went back in the real hiker-style: by taxi ?

For the rest of the day we enjoyed the great facilities of the campsite!

And also we enjoyed the sauna and the hot tub – I love camping ?

The day was relaxed and slow and in the evening we cooked a huge pan of veggies and a big 300gr sirloin steak for 10NZ$ (6€). We finished two cases of beer and enjoyed a really nice evening with Jason, Breann and Jay. I went to bed at 3am – not really helpful for the next day but a well deserved break!