Next morning Robert and I continued our chat during breakfast. Eventually he dropped me off again on the trail. Today I had to cross the Whangarei Harbour. So I went up to the Marina at Marsden Point and chatted up the first guy who watered his boat – a Maori guy with his two kids. I asked him where he was going and he said out fishing. I told him that I needed a ride to the other side and he directly said: “Then just jump in, I’ll drop you off on the other side.” And that’s what happened.
On the other side it was a steep climb today on a little formation – 400m and a constant up and down on the ridge.


The trail was steep but very good maintained.

Once up you had good views already once in a while when the bush opened. But on the lookout point it was a 360 degree view. Spectacular!

Probably one of the most beautiful views I had so far on the North Island. I loved it! Nice and steep climb you had to work for and then such a reward. Jiehaaaa!!!

Then I descended to the beach again and had a nice stroll on Ocean Beach – again, completely to myself.

What a perfect combination today. Made it to the end of the beach and asked the owner of the padock, Zac, if I could pitch my tent on his ground; which of course was fine. Look at my campspot!!

Probably one of the best days so far. Hospitality, boat ride, tough climb, views, beautiful weather, beaches and a nice place to sleep. I love it!!

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