I had about 7km to the meeting point with Mark for the kayak trip today. I thought 1.5h would be more than enough.

First stretch on the road was easy and then I had to go in the bush again. A steep climb through dense bush and the descent got be a little bit into trouble. So I was sweaty already at 8.00h today for the first time. But I made it and Mark picked me up. We watered the kayak and circled around the shore line.

What a perfect day. Sunshine, no wind and the calmest sea ever.


The visibility underwater was amazing. The sea had been calm for the last weeks and so it was crystal clear.
We probably kayaked for 20km, went through little caves, had a nice lunch break at one of the beaches and it was a beautiful break from walking.

We arrived at Ngunguru already at 2.00pm so I just stacked up supplies and continued. Another 13km to Matapouri seemed reasonable. I was still euphoric about the last day and also todays kayak trip when I entered the bush. It was a nice trail and relatively easy to walk.

I just walked along lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly bumped into somebody. It was Rose, a NOBO we had met in the Richmond Ranges. If there was something I didn’t expect than running into someone on the last days. What a great surprise. This cheered up even more.
So we continued together and exchanged stories from the last weeks.
We just arrived at the end of the day and decided to pitch our tent right in the town centre on a piece of lawn next to the public toilets. What a great spot.