After spending the evening already with John and Maria they insisted on hosting me for breakfast at 6.45 this morning. So I took down my tent and went to see them for a great breakfast. Thank you guys!
I circled around a beautiful beach and came across some astonishing houses.

I need a job. What beautiful spots to live! Just a couple of impressions…


After walking on the beach and around the cliffs I had to cross over farmland.

I ran into a farmer who was working on his far, Robert. We chatted for quite a while and it was a really nice conversation. When I left, Robert said he would be on the road home later on and would pick me up if he saw me. Since I got a confirmation to do a stretch on a sea kayak on Sunday and with this skipping 30km of road walking. Therefore I needed to speed up and make two out of the three planned days. So I decided to continue on the road instead of going on a farm track through a pine tree farm.

As promised, Robert showed up later the day and took me to his place. Robert and his wife Emma hosted me for dinner and comforted me with a nice and soft bed. We had a great evening and Robert fed me with many interesting facts of all sorts. He is a walking Encyclopaedia! Did you know that a cow drinks 50l of water a day? And a milk cow even 72l? That the kiwi fruit actually comes from China? And that the tasty Fejoa fruit originally grows in South America? Also learned a lot of the Maori history in the Northlands.
Thank Emma & Robert for the great evening and your hospitality!