As expected the joint evaluation before breakfast only lead to what I had expected already – no walking for me today! Both of my feet were still in pain and swollen.

I had messed up my right foot now as well since I took pressure and weight of my left foot. I had to except that I had overdone it.
Since the normal live for Fiona, Warren, Ella and Thomas had to go on I was left behind with the comment “make yourself at home”.
The first day I didn’t do a lot besides putting my feet up and changing the ice packs every half an hour.

I replied to a few messages, did some research and enjoyed the beautiful view over the Hunua Ranges.

Fiona cooked another amazing dinner and we had a great evening laughing and chatting.
What can I say. I was sure to be back on the trail the next morning. But when I got up my feet were not better at all. So the show continued. Ice packs, sitting… Thomas gave me a lot of insight into New Zealand’s bird life and some amazing musical impressions. Ella amongst other things as bagpipe entertained us at night with an amazing dance and singing performance – her birthday! A night to remember! Good as gold ?
Have you ever done face swap? I have now. The beard helps! ?

I have the feeling I slowly became part of the family. You know when you get your family nickname. Ella made me the “Buncle”. I am not just a normal uncle, no I am the bearded uncle = Buncle ??
It was great to have the family around and to be able to have deeper and continues conversations.
On Friday we had more time to talk and even though we went to Ella’s first hockey game. After a nice dinner in a steak house I learned the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union.

It is amazing what can develop out of a short conversation in a back country hut in New Zealand. There it is again – the Kiwi hospitality! Thanks Fiona, Warren, Ella & Thomas for hosting, feeding, entertaining and taking care of me. I am glad I had to stop after the Hunuas and got “stuck” with you guys!nly 586km to go…

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