Rose and James couldn’t sleep anymore and left a little bit earlier than I. So I had the first two hours to myself walking on the beach in a beautiful day. I enjoyed having time to think about the last five month and what all had happened so far on this journey.

It is really coming to an end. Only 28km today and another 14km tomorrow. It’s amazing how long the first 100km felt and how impressed and proud I was of them. Having only 100km left in Ahipara seemed so little and short…

We again went off the beach 30min before high tide and had a little nap after lunch. I call this “trampers heaven”:

The day stayed stable and nice. It was so much more fun to be able to walk next to each other, talk and not getting soaked. We made it to the end of 90 Mile Beach. The never ending stretch of sand was over – just two more bays to go from now on.

The view back on 90 Mile Beach:

Made it to the campsite during daylight today and were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Had a good dinner and even played some cards this night. The tension is gone – at least when it comes to the walking part. Last night on the trail, last dinner, last night in the tent and only 14km left tomorrow…

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