The trail followed Henry and Waiau River through very scenic valleys. 
 The trail was flat and easy to walk. 

We officially passed the first 1000km on our way northbound (NoBo)! Of course we took the time to celebrate and put up a decent marker ?

This is what you have to do if you need a different angle and you don’t have a fourth person:

We arrived at the Caroline Bivvy and I met a girl from my hometown who also went to the same schools as as I did! Such a small world…

The last three km to the fork were exhausting since we had to cross a lot of scree slopes – and this after 29km already today!

We arrived at around 8pm and after a total of 36km – big day especially with the heavy packs. Why do I have to carry a bottle of wine on this stretch…
When we arrived there were many SoBos in the camp and more to come. We ended up being around 20 people. I met another wonderful trail angel: Diana. Thanks to her I do have new socks now since my just completely fell apart yesterday.

I had 4-5 holes in each of them, partly as big as a 2€ coin. And since the only spare one I have with me are my very low cut city socks (which I used today and ensured I had rocks in them in every river crossing.) THANK YOU DIANA!