Today we had to get back from Greymouth to the trail in Boyle. Since I was up late and had to get up three times this night to make sure my phone backup finally went through, my music and audio book download did not fail again I wasn’t in a hurry this morning to get up. I of course did not leave town without having a decent breakfast and two extra large flat white coffee ?
So we split up again and after Breann and Jay caught a ride Ben and I tried. Getting to and away from Greymouth doesn’t seem to be the easiest hitch.

We needed three rides and six hours to get back.

We were already afraid that we would be stuck in Reefton again before we got a very nice ride by a father and son combo which were just returning from a two day fishing trip. Before we got the ride a car with four German guys stopped at the hotel next to our hitchhiking spot in Reefton and we chatted for a bit. After they had stored their stuff in the hotel one came out again and handed us a bottle of red wine saying that if it doesn’t work with hitchhiking so good today we would at least have something nice to drink tonight!

Germans? They must have been infected by the “New Zealand Hospitality Virus”… ?
What a nice gesture, more than very much appreciated – especially from my side as being a big wine lover – and a Tempranillo from NZ seems to be a very special thing I have never ever heard about so far. So I am very curious. On the other hand probably the worst timing ever! We will be in the mountains again for 6 days now, climbing the steepest pass of the entire trail and I have – next to seven days worth of food – a full glass wine bottle in my backpack. And as a well behaving tramper / hiker you of course take everything out that you have brought with you. Meaning – not only do I have to carry the full bottle until we drink it. No, I also have to carry the empty bottle for the rest of the stretch ? Anyways, will save the bottle for a nice moment at the lakes… Thank you again guys!

We arrived at the trail head and started our tramp since Breann and Jay were not there and we had of course no network coverage to check where they were. Left a message with some guys that camped at the car park and off we went. Followed a nice trail next to the Boyle River.


When we got water from the first creek Ben slipped and fell straight forward and very unluckily. I thought he had broken his arm but to his luck it was “only” his knee he fell onto and gave him pain. But he was able to continue. We looked for the next possible campspot not to risk another fall and since it was already 7.30h also ok for the day. Found a nice spot in the riverbed only annoying thing of course – sandflies. Thousands! So we did many artistic moves to get in and out of the tent without letting too many of them to come in. Full moon tonight.

I am starting to realise that this is not just a long vacation but a 180 degree change of my life and that there will be a time and a life after walking. But not in the same way as before – most probably. There are a lot of thoughts and questions which keep me busy especially in the walking sections when I am by myself but of course as well as a result of all the encounters and interaction with all these different people and my current and new “family”. Thinking about the entire process and what it did to and with me after I took the decision to quit my job, to take a break, to cut all tows and to be out here not knowing where this journey will take me next. Still a little bit uncomfortable for somebody who’s life was built on Outlook and an always synchronised calendar and todo list…

My good old friend Benny who as already inspired me in other areas of life to try out different methods, ideas and paths gave me an insight on what he had done for himself once. It looks like an even rockier path than the trail but well worth to climb. So now I am also equipped for that:


Thank you again! My toast of this heavy bottle of red wine will go to you!