American National Parks are not made for hikers and/or people without cars… It took us all day to get from Tuolumne Meadows to The Valley, pitch our tent on the campground and get one meal. The internal bus system was a catastrophe – overloaded and completely unreliable. We waited for over 1.5h for busses to come. No car, no fun.
Anyways once we were finally on the bus which was to get us to El Capitan the bus driver made an announcement that this was the last bus. What???? We finally made it and now we couldn’t even get off to see it because we wouldn’t make it back…? Luckily the bus driver had mercy with us and told us she would pick us up on the way back so we could have a 20 minute stroll. Thank you!!!

Real tourist

Another hiker asked us on the camp ground if we were PCT hikers. I asked why she would think that. And she said we look “seasoned” 😂

Found another of my favourite and well suiting beverages:

Next morning Kaylee still felt the need to rest so I hiked up to Glacier Point by myself. One of the famous view points over the valley and Half Dome. After another endless bus odyssey I finally made it to the trail head. 4.7 miles and 3,000ft climb. Time to race a bit. It felt good to go to the limit again. Haven’t done that in a long time. I did not run though to go easy on my legs but fast walking seemed ok. A couple of photo stops on the way up.

After 1:17h I was up on the top 🤘🏼 Since there are quite a few forest fires in the area Half Dome and the rest of the valley were covered in smoke. Very mystical…

I decided to hitchhike down to take it easy on the legs. Just for the records: took me over 7h in total to get to the trail, up and back. For a bit more than 1h of hiking 🙈
We had a quick gear maintenance session – clearing the “eating opening” again so I wouldn’t get half of my beard beard in respectively half the food in it. Kaylee the new barber 😂

After being sick the last days I in return found her three Snickers bars 🙊