We left Tekapo but not without having two more cappuccino in town – you never know when you will get the next one… Worse than expected, the pain from cycling was still there and even worse
in some parts.

My body also seems to adjust better and better to this life – my skin was so dry after the shower with soap since I am not used to it anymore. Good that there is no shower for the next 8-9 days ?

Ben stayed at the campground to catch up with a friend that he knew from North Island so the three of us went on the street towards the next mountain section. But first of all on the road around Lake Tekapo. Luckily a Swedish couple gave us a ride on the gravel road.

Very bad news at the beginning of the trail – nine days without the permission to… How is this going to work???


The scenery was beautiful and the day started out sunny and nice.

But after a while it got windy and we had the wind straight in the face coming from north. The high mountains were covered in heavy clouds and it looked like rain – couldn’t be snow since the 0C level was at 4.300m.

It felt very similar to Patagonia and only the permanent noise of the wind in your ears made you tired and exhausted. Also it was very dusty and the cleaning from yesterday gone…

We climbed up to 1200m before we had to decent into a steep creek before following a side valley. Two small rivers to cross and we made it to the hut. Next 36km done.

When we arrived in the hut we were surprised: Ben was already there. He got a ride to the last possible point of the street and made it before us.

The evening was very nice since there were five more French and later an Israeli and an American arrived as well. So we all sat together for dinner chatted and the Israeli even had a guitar with him. So live music in the mountains. Really amazing ambience.

The hut is small so another night in the tent.