The first part of the day was a steady climb for two hours.


I missed the last water source for the next 10 miles. When I realised it I was already 0.5 miles passed the last one and it was all uphill. I only had half a liter left. Well, I still decided to continue and not go back. I usually do fine with half a liter on 10 or more miles – so not a big deal. Luckily it was overcast and not to hot today.


During our lunch break – and after a two hour rest – Everett dropped that he actually wanted to do a 30 mile day before he got to Kennedy Meadows. What? Now? It was already 3pm and we had only done 15 so far. Oh well, we decided to see how it goes…

After half an hour of hiking it started raining dien on us. Cold and wet. Maybe a little taste of the next weeks…

When we reached the last water source and the spot where we wanted to camp originally Everett, Kathryn & Martyn just took off and said we are going to Kennedy’s Meadow. We want beer and burgers…! 🤘🏼

So Kaylee and I started running after them.

But all we found were little messages to hurry up and go straight to the restaurant. The taste of beer made them so fast we never caught them. Luckily the rain stopped and we got a nice cruise into the Meadows.

Another big Milestone! 700 miles passed… Wow. Time and miles are flying. It is crazy.

We left the trail in the meadows after another message in the dirt to turn right. So we did… And right before sunset we hit the road which led to the restaurant.


After a good dinner and a few beers the owners offered us to camp in front of the restaurant. So we pitched the tents and went to bed after a long day.

That was the desert! Now we are heading into the mountains. There is still a ton of snow in the mountains. We have heard different stories. Some people are very concerned about the conditions. Also the river crossings will be challenging with all of the melting. Well, that’s things for tomorrow…