On Thursday Tjalling visited me in Vancouver. He is a Dutch friend of mine who I met on my expedition on the Aconcagua 1.5 years ago. He now lives in North Carolina and was here on vacation. So great to catch up.

On Thursday we went straight for the Grind on Grouse Mountain. It’s a steep climb with 850m elevation gain in 2.9km on natural stairs. Quite a sweaty tour. And I have the feeling I already lost some of my fitness during the last eight weeks only sitting on my bum. Took me 48 minutes – and Tjalling the dirty Dutch did it in 38. The challenge is on. I guess I have to come back now… ?


We also explored Grouse Mountain a little bit more and enjoyed the perfect view over Vancouver. We could also see our next project for September: Mt. Baker ?

Next morning we got up early and took the babe for a ride up to Squamish. A nice little 22km day hike to Elfin Lakes and back. Perfect weather and a great hike.

Just a few impressions from this great hike! The trails are well prepared and nothing compared to the TA. But the scenery is amazingly beautiful. Mountains everywhere, the glaciers come down to quite low altitude and the vegetations fits perfectly in. I so felt “back home”! Finally, after two month I was back in my trail runners, a backpack on my back and out in the wilderness. I have missed it. I knew that something was missing but I realised how much only while walking uphill again. I love mountains…

Great to catch up as well! Thanks bro that you came over. Had a really great time.

The day ended the way it had to – only came back at 4.30 in the morning after Sam had organised backstage passes for the Snakehips performance downtown. Night out with the boys… ?