Did our town chores today andI finally had a good coffee. There was a store in town which actually knew what they where doing so I got a latte & a cold brew. Mmhhhh… Sofia managed to find a lady in town who just washed our cloth for us. Can you believe that? Wrightwood is probably the hiker-friendliest town so far. The entire day somebody stopped and asked if we would need a ride or anything else. The guy who finally gave us a ride was already in downtown earlier and when we told him that we still had to do some stuff he asked us when we wanted him to come back for the ride – and he came! Crazy and heart-warming!

So after more food, picking up some new toys: cuban-fibre wallet and passport pouch, new front pouch for my backpack & new spoon we made it out of town again. Even though Wrightwood was great and very hospitable we just wanted to get back on the trail…

Drew & Kayla just arrived when we left – so we hope they are able to catch us tomorrow on the trail! Since Oneday decided to staynin town I now have three girls with me: The Little One aka Sophia, Saskia and Camille – “Flow’s hikers heaven” 😂😂😂

We only walked five miles to the base of Mt. Baden-Powell to get the climb done before the heat. 

The only place to pitch our tents safely was right on the trail. But since we figured nobody would walk there at night we decided to do it – very funny to have four tents just lined up on a hiking trail.

For the closure of the day we all
went in Sophia’s tent and played the card game Euchre – jiehaaaa!