The night was freezing cold! There was frost on the ground so the temperature must have been close to freezing. I didn’t really sleep a lot since I was cold the entire night. My sleeping bag is only designed for +6C and even though I was wearing all my cloth and my feet were wrapped into my rain jacket and also the rain skirt was covering a part of the sleeping bag it was just to cold for the set up. Well, one of the few nights were I regret having a warmer sleeping bag which on the other hand saves me unnecessary weight on 98% of the days… But it took me a while to get warm in the morning and so we only left at 10am.

It was also such a contrast to yesterday. Back in the normal desert again, warm, no snow.

Today was family reunion and separation day together. We caught up with Oneday who escaped us yesterday. Finally we all hiked together again. Later on Kayla and Drew said good bye for a bit since they are meeting up with a friend for a day. I guess they will have to run after the break!

Our target for today: the hot springs! Natural hot springs in the river. The perfect treat after a 23 mile / 37km day. We sat in the pool for an hour had a late dinner and then decided to skip pitching our tents but to just “cowboy camp” instead – meaning mattress on the ground, no tent and good night 😎