Wake up call this morning was 3.30h to visit the geyser at sunrise. We had slept on 4,500m and it got cold at night. But it was worth it!







After a stop at the hot springs and a quick dip we continued to the Laguna Verde which already have us a view of the border to Chile.


To make a long story short – I hadn’t planed anything for the time after the tour. In the last three days I drove down the entire length of Bolivia to the border of Chile. Fortunately – and how it happens if you don’t plan too much – I met my new travel companions, Momo & Jana, in front of the companies office and bumped into them a few times during the tour. There plan was to continue further to Chile so I decided to join them. After a long immigration process at the border and a drug control stop where our car was x-rayed, we arrived in San Pedro de Atacama.

We quickly decided on a joint place to stay for the next couple of nights and checked into a nice hostel (Lalk Cketi).

And if being “stuck” with to pretty women for the next days was not enough luck already also Fernando – a guy I met in the hostel in La Paz – was in town and invited us to a spontaneous asado (typical South American barbecue) at the house of his friend where he couch-surfed at the moment.



Asado Aleman

First night in Chile: two amazing travel partners, an asado with a big local crowd and also a tour guide was at the barbecue who will pick us up tomorrow for a private tour! Don’t plan too much. #ilovemylife