It was freezing again in the night. The ground is also so cold now that the cold radiats right through my sleeping pad. Not a restful night. When we finally managed to get up we saw this:

At least 1-2 inches of snow came down during the night. But at least it was not rain.

Most of the day though looked like this.

And we accordingly…

The good thing about the weather. My ultralight rain gloves came back in use today.

German Engineering.

We also got a few spectacular views in berween. But mostly it was escaping the weather by running. It snowed all day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.



One of the highlights today. We had very fresh bear tracks right on the trail. Probably not older than 30 minutes. Unfortunately we didn’t see it.

The clouds were pretty spectacular. But most of thr time we also walked head down covered in three layers and were lost in thoughts. The last day. The feeling about being done is definitely connected to joy and happiness. Very different to the Te Araroa. But it is also a completely different journey.


More thoughts about that tomorrow. Right now I am freezing and I desperately want to crawl into my sleeping bag and zip it up fully. We did another 29 miles today and got to our campspot right at sunset.

11,4 miles to the border tomorrow. Alarm at 5.30am. Good night…