The last cold night for this season. Alarm went off at 5.15am again. Only half an inch of fresh snow during the night – not too bad.

After packing up, taping Kaylee’s blistered feet and treating us with a hot mocha we started the last day on trail and our hike to the border…

11,4 miles to the border left.

Good bye campspot and back into the cold Cascades.

We were pumped up to get to the monument. The trail had mercy today and so the clouds were hanging low but precipitation was limited to a few icy snow flakes. Not too bad. That helps when hiking below freezing and turns up the moods of the tired hikers. Some of the last views of the Cascades before we dropped down in the valley.

The last cat prints on the trail. Fresh from this morning this hiker with four legs used the trail before us. They are out here! The one and only thing I did not get to see – a free roaming mountain lion. I guess that’s a good reason to come back again, pitch a tent and look out for them.

And then the signs were getting clear. Almost done!

It just happened. The last few miles just cruising downhill in the forest. We hiked fast and silently for most of the time. Both lost in thoughts I guess. We were both ready to get there. And to be done. Not saying that I want to miss a single day of this journey. But the last six days being cold and wet all the time also made it easier to look forward to a shower and a bed now. For more than only one night always. Also our bodies are talking to us. Feet are swollen, ankles and joints just randomly hurt and pinch. Nothing serious. But just signs that they want a break. A d not only a nero or hero town day with less than 20 miles 😂

Will I miss it? I’ll probably be wishing myself back on a trail in a few weeks. I know. And that’s good. After the trail is before the trail 😉t now it’s time to celebrate first!

The obligatory triple-pano of course:

The monument is in the glade of the US/CA border. Right next to an official milestone of the border. But that’s it. No confetti or anything like this. Just a damp spot in the forest. We stayed for an hour, took photos and ate what we could still get down. Skittles, M&M’s and gummy worms are definitely a no-go now and that’s how I feel here and now.

Looking forward for what to come next, cold, exhausted, excited and happy to have made it.

After exactly 2,650 miles / 4.265km and 5 month on the Pacific Crest Trail we made it all the way from Mexico to Canada. Arrived at the Northern Terminus 🤘🏼
The trail provided us with sun, heat, lack of water, snow, raging rivers, mosquitoes, wild fires, trail closures, the love-hate relationship to candy and Washington’s last week of ice-cold rain & snow. Our bodies tell the story. Thank you PCT for sharing your beauty with us! Even though we are glad to be off you today we will miss you in only a few days when civilisation hits us. #dowhatmakegood