Wednesday was the day. Sergi and I went out for another training flight and after a few circuits he called the tower over the radio to request a full stop (landing). It felt to early to actually call it a day. He made me go back to the main apron and then just got off the plane and said: “Are you ready?” Ready? For what?

Time for my first solo flight without having him as my safety option in the back… ? Even though I had done many take offs and landings already by myself now it was always a comfortable feeling to know that Sergi was sitting in the back being able to jump in, in case shit happened.

But now I was on my own. Did my last checks, taxied to the runway and called the tower for my take-off clearance. And then everything happened quickly. Received the clearance, took off and did my first circuit by myself. All went well, but the flying part of course is the easier one. And then my first landing. I would say it was probably not my best one but I made it, nobody got injured and the plane also still flies. So – GOOD AS GOLD ?

I had to do two more circuits before I was “allowed” to come back. After the first landing worked out I could feel the relief and it was a great feeling to finally have done it. First solo! Jieahaaaa.

The two circuits went well, the third landing was a full stop again and I taxied back to the flight school. Done.

And then – a school tradition – I was “baptised” after my first solo. Thanks Sergi for bringing me to this point so quickly and Taka for getting me wet ?