Long awaited and now finally done. We have our place and moved in! Since we had a whole house to furnish and we did not want to buy brand new stuff we had to invest quite some time in research on craigslist (the local private trade site) to find all the stuff we needed. Arno and I contacted tons of people until we finally had everything together and also timings and a route for Saturday to pick everything up. Yeah, finally excel lists and organisation again. Almost felt like in the good old days… ?

We rented a huge truck and did our tour.

The obligatory final stop at IKEA to buy the last missing pieces and we were all set. The house is just amazing and we all love it! The Vancouver Bearded Bros (VBB) is established.

Just in case you wanna come over:
1856 West 15th Ave
V6J 2L1 Vancouver B.C.

And I finally have my own room again which I don’t have to move anymore. Also no excuse that I can’t study…