The last four weeks I did give a lot of focus to flying and studying. I was at the school almost everyday and probably spent more time in the school and planes than at home. But it has been great.

My fantastic instructor Sergi prepared me step by step for the flight test and made sure we had a lot of fun as well. We had many laughs – him being the “Spanish-Mañana” and me the “Always-Correct-German”. Step by step we went through all of the relevant emergency procedures, cross-country flights together before he sent me off to do it by myself. I do have to admit, I still have a lot of respect but I am also enjoying it very much. A few impressions from the flight deck.

Airport romance

A towering cumulonimbus cloud you don’t want to get too close to…

Well, and then there were long days and nights which looked like this as well. Studying and preparing for the big day.

And last Thursday the day had come – the flight test. Sergi again did a lot more than just teaching me how to fly. He finally did some serious work as well as preparation for my flight test… ?

I prepared my navigation files, flight plans, documents and everything until late at night, got up at 5 o’clock again to come to the school early to prepare everything with the latest weather updates and at 9am the test began. 2.5 hours of ground briefing and checking, 45 minutes of walk around and technical inspection with the examiner before we went to the two hour check ride. What can I say – it actually was a lot of fun. The last two weeks had been dedicated to this day and the examiner, John – a former fire fighter pilot, also made it a pleasant day. He created a good and relaxed atmosphere which definitely helped to make things easier. He also explained a lot and I even learned a lot during the test.

After the debriefing and about six hours he reached out to for my hand and said: “Welcome to the club!”.

So, you can call me Captain now! ??
It has been a little bit more than two month of hard work and studying but so worth it. Can’t wait to explore the surroundings by plane now.

But instead of celebrating – the weird German – went back home to his books and studied to also finish the written exam the next day. I wanted to get it done completely. So I went in on Friday again to do the 3h written exam and after that was ok it was then official-official. Captain Flo ?