My base in Vancouver is currently an Airbnb shared house with about 18 flatmates. Everyday people are moving in and out and I share my room with another German. Welcome back to university times ?
It’s really great since it’s a very international community with a lot of interesting people. It’s actually quite difficult to get things done since there is always someone around good for distraction.
Anyways after setting up the basics as mobile phone contract, new power plugs, adapters, public transportation cards and so on I am almost good to go. Also enjoyed the first summer sunshine in Canada.

On the second day I organised myself a rental car and visited a few flight schools. One of the flight schools has a German owner, Peter. We chatted for a while and it all seemed like what I was looking for. He offered me to go for my first “familiarisation-trip” the next day. What?
He also helped me to organise my medical check for the next day. It’s all rolling…

We also had a nice house party that night. Cooked with seven guys from six different nations. What a blast. Great food and great laughs. It’s exactly what I was looking for – nice company.

Yesterday was a big day already. First of all I checked out a possible new car. Since the airport is a little bit further out I will need one to get there. And since it’s summer time I decided to get something nice. But all not safe and secured yet so I’ll keep it to myself until it’s mine… ?

And also my first flight took place. How awesome!!! Here is one of my new “offices”:


My flight instructor was Taka, a very funny and cool Japanese guy. We did a briefing and introduction which also included a weight and balance and trim sheet!!!! Hahaha – I remember when I had to do this in my first year of training at Lufthansa. How cool to actually do it to use it myself now… And then we went straight to the plane. A Cessna 152. We did the necessary outside checks and I familiarised with my new baby. Good that I already have my “bad-ass-pilot-sunglasses” ?

And then we went. Received clearance from the tower, a short take-off run and 20’ seconds later Taka said: “You have control!”. And that was all. From then on I flew for about thirty minutes, circling around the southern part of Vancouver doing the manoeuvres we had discussed in the briefing before hand. Up, down and also some really nice turns. And at the end final approach to the runway until Taka took over shortly before landing. How cool! I am hooked and can’t wait to go back tomorrow!!!!
Taka also just said when we got out of the plane “Next time you do take off and landing yourself.”

Life is great!