Sunday was the day – I had the pleasure to share some of my stories and pictures with an interested crowd. Thank you to all for coming especially with this shitty weather on the road.

Well, what can I say. I really enjoyed talking about the last two years again and being able to share some of the – to me – most interesting happenings from this journey.

Thank you for staying with me for 3 hours! I promise it wasn’t my intention to keep you in there for so long. Even though we put the door in place so you couldn’t leave earlier… 😂

Please find a few pictures from the evening taken by the amazing Göril Susanne Olsen. Thank you so much for preserving this evening through these beautiful pictures!

Thank you for joining!
The audience.
Felt so good to be back in hiking-clothes…
Probably the story about me chasing girls in the mountains…


Look at the hole in my shorts… 😜


The first one fell asleep – sorry… 😉




New Zealand, Te Araroa. On the highest point of the trail on the South Island.

I would like to share my friend Fabienne’s ( summary and what she took home with her from the evening. There are some great reflections and inspiring thoughts on what also moved me during the last two years… Thank you for sharing, Fabienne!

Last night I went to my friend Florian’s presentation on his road trip of two years that took him to the most beautiful places this world has to offer.
Two years ago he left his well-paid manager position to walk NZ and the PCT, amongst others.

After his enticing presentation, I heard voices say ‘This is truly inspiring. I wish I had the courage to do something like this. I am too old now and yet I feel I need to change something!’

‘You are so courageous’ was the second most heard thing.
Yes, he was courageous to take that decision and he also had faith that he would be fine – no matter what. He has one advantage that keeps him going: he is not afraid to fail!

The fear of failure is what will help you find reasons why you should not follow that dream.
It’s your brain’s job to keep you safe!
Just remember that any of the thoughts you give yourself why you should not pursuit ‘that idea’ or ‘dream’ is not reality. Because you simply don’t know what will happen.

Now, living your dream does not have to be a 2-year-sabbatical, hiking trails or learning Spanish in South America.
It can be anything that gives you a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.
But many people I meet are even too scared to think about what that might be or look like.

Start a conversation that matters to you today – ideally with yourself by asking this simple question:

What do I really want?

Just remember, now is a perfect moment to change a plan and direction!


Thank you for the great evening. And “Thank You” to the Mainlust in Schwanheim for hosting us.