More updates from my re-socialisation project.

It’s crazy. I have not been so busy in my old life with a job as I am now being unemployed. I already had a little cold last week, probably because I had too much on my agenda and too little sleep. Jan and Betty said that it might also came from playing golf in shirts at -1C. But I don’t think that this can be… 😂

But it’s interesting. My old habit of putting too much on my list is hard to fight off. I am constantly torn between taking it easy and fully committing to all of the opportunities arising at the moment. But its’s hard to resist. It’s not really because I have the feeling that I need to have a regular income again soon to survive. Luckily my fantastic hosts Betty & Jan are keeping me warm, dry and stuffed – I already told them that if they continue this way I might never move out anymore…😂
Maybe it’s a bit that I know with driving your own businesses now nothing will happen and move forward if I don’t personally do something. Partly that’s true. But mainly it’s still that I am enjoying all of it – I feel like a little child on a playground with way to many toys and attractions to choose from… But long-term I need a different balance. What am I doing you might wonder?

My projects…
Many little things. I am still working on the golf marketplace with Matthias who I met on my travels in South America. Our little office and start-up life rocks. Our idea is developing really well, we are now investigating developer resources in India (and guess what – we don’t have to write a “Vorlage” to get an approval 😂), we have the first golf club as partner on board supporting us and other doors are opening up. It’s a great scene. We have to guys – software developers – who like the idea and us (however that happened) and they help us. And guess what – for free. Just because they like the idea and they think it’s interesting. It is such a “weird” setup. I am learning, wondering and re-adjusting every day.

My dream became true. Being able to live like a real hipster, sitting in cafes (without freakin’ wifi 🙈), typing on my MacBook and drinking flat whites. Jieehaaaaaa!!! And then there are more ideas about outdoor equipment which needs to be sold in Europe, sharing and speaking about what I do and think and a couple more things. I’ll keep you posted. But I am getting closer to the freedom I dreamed of the last month. Being able to work and put all effort into something you believe in but also being able to do other things without time constraints. The weather is nice – I am on the golf course or in the mountains. There is stuff to do or the weather doesn’t encourage to go outside, then a weekend in front of the MacBook is well invested…

Maybe a visit at a barber shop will be necessary soon… 😂

A lot of work – same same, but different.
Even though it’s a lot of work at the moment it feels amazing. Every mail, every step I take they all contribute to 100% into what I fully enjoy. No bullshit needed. No long explanations or “Abstimmungen” – I just Do What Make Good. It’s amazing how much positive energy is released by this.

Positive energy.
Positive energy. It is what I have been inspired by since my encounter on the bike in New Zealand where a hiker turned my entire mood around in less than 15 minutes. I am walking around at the moment with a lot of positive energy. I still can’t help smiling and laughing just thinking about my current situation – in the bus, in a car, walking around, under the shower and everywhere else. And this is perceived by others. And these vibes attract each other. I do have amazing encounters over and over again at the moment. People that sense and find you via strange ways, others who connect you with like-minded people and when you meet you just click. And with my freedom and (unlimited) time at the moment most of the time the final conclusion is – let’s do something together. I still find it hard to believe how many things are falling into my lap at the moment. All new opportunities, new things that I don’t have a clue about, endless learning opportunities. I love it… 😍 I don’t know if I am able to bring this across. But this “thing” is a spiral that keeps on accelerating itself. And it all started with a truly positive mindset, a balanced me not expecting anything and a childish curiosity to explore and see what happens.

It’s a different feeling of freedom. It is not the feeling of freedom I experience in the mountains. But at the moment it is similarly inspiring. It brings appreciation, learnings, amazing personal encounters and a shit-load of fun! I remember being busy but feeling suppressed by it. Even having the feeling being “busy” was a minimum requirement of our society to be “normal” and also having to complain about it. Now I am busy. But I would not complain about it. I just wish I had more time to do more things at the same time… Just wanted to make sure I capture this state of mind. I hope it stays for a while.

One downside I do experience. With some of my projects I do have a lot of interaction with social media. And my phone rings constantly on 10+ channels. And for some of the projects you also need to interact and be engaged. But I don’t really enjoy it. It is something I have to do but it takes a lot of time away for other things. I also try to use the time in between things (e.g. waiting for a bus or being on a bus) to reply to messages. But that’s not what I want! I want to have more time to reflect and interact with my surroundings. Face in your phone means you are not here. You are not present…

A hostel in New Zealand. A beautiful shared space for interaction. 6 out of 6 gone and somewhere else…

Besides the fun the urge to get back outside is getting bigger and bigger. I spend too much time on my butt drinking coffee and not moving enough. I already ordered a new pair of Speedcross. Pair number 8 in the last two years now:

They need to be taken out and get dirty!