The last weeks have been great fun with all the little projects. Many inspiring people and great conversations. But also a lot of work. I’ll elaborate on this issue a bit more later. To make a long story short – I have still not really figured out how to balance and not to into an extreme with most things I do…

M1-Coworking in Mainz. I love the concept of flexible coworking space.

Therefore it was time to force myself away from the computer and do something good. So I went to an inspiring speech of Jane Goodall the famous primatologist and very famous for her studies of chimpanzees. She talked about dedication and how important it is to just follow what you are passionate about and dream of. If you really want it then there is nothing that will stop you. A very tangible story how she developed from a secretary to one of the most well known scientists. And there are careers where you just follow your passion. 84 years old and still running and inspiring people. Thanks, Jane!


And then Sunday. What a shock! I went to the EOFT – the European Outdoor Film Tour 17. It’s a now 17 tradition that they show cool stuff crazy people do in the outdoors. From climbing mountains, over kayaking, flying, jungle-expeditions and more. It’s really inspiring and great stuff to watch. Even though the character has shifted a bit to absolute outstanding quality video footage now produced with teams around, helicopters, drones and all the fancy shit doesn’t make it less great to watch.

But it also got me. Re-socialisation was going well more or less until yesterday. But while I was watching these short videos I became super itchy. I felt like being on the wrong side of the screen the entire time… 😳 And again the more white and high stuff was involved the more excited I became.

Also these adventures were talking about how rewarding it is to walk, ski, whatever for 20 hours a day and why it just feels right. That life is so easy out there. The beauty of being far away from things. The amazing feeling to be exposed to natures forces. I could see people frowning with disbelieve but I knew what they were talking about. Shocking what 1,5h of video footage can do to one. What can I say – I guess I am ruined for life… 😂 And – it’s time to plan some outdoor stuff. Soon. Now.

I am coming…

But there is short term hope for now. The perspective of a winter-wonderland hike for a few days in the Alps over New Years. Desperately needed to fuel the outdoor cells… 😍

Fun fact: The price to send a A3 envelope to New Zealand: 7€. The price to send a A3 envelope within Germany (yes, also only 5km into the next village: 6,99€. The look on the clerks face when I asked her how they can transport an A3 envelope over 11.995km for only 0,01€: priceless… 😂