We woke up early to take our tents down before people would be around and therefore got to see a beautiful sunrise!
After a quick coffee we set off for today’s journey. We circled around more beaches until we reached a nice farm track.


Rose and I caught up on more stories of the TA and enjoyed having company. Rose had also been on her own besides a few days with Christoph. It was great!
We chatted and missed a turn why we did a little detour on the beach.

Since we didn’t want to go back we decided to ford the estuary. The channel looked deep but manageable. Rose went first and since the water “only” went up to her chest I knew it would be ok for me. So I went in and crossed it without any problems. The deepest I had so far. On the other side I wanted to check my phone for directions. When I took it out I saw that there was water inside of my waterproof case and my phone was wet. I took it out and had to realize it was completely under water – the case had a hole which must have developed within the last days… The phone was dead.

We went to the café dried ourselves and I bought a pack of rice to chuck my phone in. I was in the believe I just had to dry it and it would work out fine. She’ll be right…
So we continued through bush and must have missed a turn. Bush bashed our way back to the trail but it all took longer than expected.

Once we got out of the bush we already hit the sunset and still had about 10km to go on the road.

Shortly before Helena Bay – we were concerned about water and a campspot – a car came towards us. Sharron offered us to stay at her place and bring us back to the spot tomorrow since he worked in Helena Bay. We gladly accepted. We got to meet her nice horses, fed them and had a great dinner. And on top we did not even have to pitch our tents but could sleep on matrasses in a batch that they there were just building. We in return helped with the dinner, peeled a big bucket of apples. It felt good to actually do something in return.