We got up early because we expected a long day. A little bit of rain during the night and in the morning which stopped when we got up. Wanted to leave at 7.30h and finally hit the road at 8.20h… ;-)First day in the real mountains today with spectacular views.

Started out very steeply descending the same altitude again into a valley which we followed to Mace Campsite.

We crossed the Arrow River a few times and went in the group of four today.

After the campsite the trail above the river going up and down the entire time – very steep with many thorny bushes.

Very annoying and exhausting. We should have stayed in the river though… I asked myself again why I am actually doing this ?

Final ascend to Rose Saddle was another steep section to about 1200m before descending again to about 700m to Rose Hut. Long and exhausting day!

But first day in the mountains and quite spectacular views! I can definitely feel the difference of my new backpack and the lighter weight I am carrying!