Had a lazy start this morning with a new fire in the hut. It also started to rain a little bit – of course having blue sky and sunshine. Funny weather ?So we delayed the start even further and only left at around 11h. The hike was rather short with 13km but went through the woods again with a lot of fallen trees and also a swamp at the end.

It ended in a nice riverbed which we crossed over a swing bridge to get to the hut for tonight.

Still took us 5h for the rather short distance due to the terrain.

I also took the decision today to change a few things in my gear to save some more weight. I would like to loose another 4kg – that will mean a new tent (lighter and not so strong anymore), a smaller cooking device and with this also he possibility of a smaller and lighter backpack. Mission to solve in Te Anau or latest Queenstown!

Justin, Max and I are still on the trail together having fun. Everybody goes his own speed during the day but we do the hut sessions together. Also met a tramped in the hut which is trying to visit as many huts as possible. Nice river session also to cool my feet – only annoying thing: sand flies!!!!!

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