We started out at 7.30 and Dave from the Lodge drove us back to the trail again. We started hiking and the weather was great again. Justin has done the PCT and the Appalachian Trail already is only carrying a very small backpack with 35l and less than 10kg including food and water. Very impressing and inspiring – I had to think the entire day what I will exchange in my backpack and what I will leave behind in the next town. You could easily tell the difference going uphill – every kg slows you down tremendously! Many decisions will also not be about exchanging gear only but also the question “Do I really need it or do I have an alternative solution in case shit happens?”. “Do I need a tent at all?”. Let’s see…The hike was fantastic today! Weather was awesome!

We started out via Mt Lincon station – a huge sheep farm. We went uphill for the first 3 hours before it levelled out and we followed a river. Beautiful scenery!

Met the first two TA trampers that were coming SOBO (south bound).

After the first stretch to Tenford Camp Site we had 19km on the clock already but moving quiet fast. We decided to skip the campsite and directly continue to Lower Wairaki hut – a super steep climp probably around 600m within a very short distance.

From the top we were almost blown off since the wind channeled in the valley directly over the ridge. Not fully blown off but over – no severe injuries ?

But astonishing view from the top.

Another hour through forrest again downhill what we just hiked up ?

Nice hut, nice fire and nice “Backcountry” food from Invercargill! Thanks for hooking me up Rebecca!

backcountry food made in Invercargill

Flo, Justin, Max

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