Today after a joint breakfast in the Botanical Garden I set off for the first stretch out of Wellington, making sure I would not get stuck in this city forever…


The Beards

The weather was not nice but ok. Light drizzle but not too bad.

 I left all my gear in Wellington and only took my rain jacket since my plan was to come back with the train to stay a last night with Breann and Jay and then take the train out again to Porirua the next morning to continue.

Once I got on the ridge line of Mt. Kaukau the rain suddenly got stronger and stronger and also the temperature dropped.

The wind on the ridge was furious and I had serious trouble to walk. The rain felt like needle pinches.


almost flying off the ridge

I was soaking wet on my legs and shoes after a few minutes. I continued for two more hours but I was exposed to the heavy wind and rain the entire time on the ridge. After I did not feel my fingers anymore and I could also not bend them I escaped from he ridge and made my way down towards the coastline. Even with hot coffee and being inside in the train back to Wellington my hands would not come back anymore. It took a twenty minute hot shower to get them back to normal. Quiet a scary experience. I did not expect to be hit so badly in the city by weather. Made it all the way over the South Island without any weather problems and then almost got severe frost bite in the city… ? Idiot! Always be prepared, old Viking rule!

Another night in Wellington and a longer way for me tomorrow…

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