After leaving our fantastic place after breakfast we set off for the “big” second day. 
Fortunately Katie realised that we had forgotten our chocolate, tuna and nuts in the fridge. So the day started with a 2km run back to the hotel.
The trail continued easy and well prepared over the ridge and gave beautiful views on the sounds.

 I have to admit it was very funny to see all the people we passed with walking poles and their daypacks (the resorts transport their luggage every day to their next resort by boat or car) completely exhausted telling us “there are many steep hills to climb on your way”. I guess we are just really fit by now.

We flew up and down the hills averaging a speed of around 6km with backpacks and all of the up and down walking next to each other on the wide trail chatting the entire day. Great way to finish the South Island ?

We stopped at Punga Cove Ressort for a drink and surprisingly Brenn & Jay were sitting in the bar as well. NOBOs reunited!!!!

They just did a big day yesterday and just chilled here today without moving at all. We had drinks and caught up on what had happened the last days. At 6 Katie and I left since we had another 13km to go and sunset is now already at 7.50pm ?

Driven by appetite for a nice dinner we passed our place for the night accidentally and went straight to the restaurant – so again I had to run to check in and get the key…

Food was incredible: scallops, hapuka fillet and lamb rack. Amazing and well deserved we thought.

We hiked back and saw many glow worms on the way. And now one of the most spectacular things I have done. The sounds seasonally contain fluorescent plankton which glows when disturbed by movement in greenish-white colour. We went down to the water at around 11 when it was really dark and now more light besides the stars. First test with a few rocks and yes – they were here! Even though it is kind of weird to go swimming in the pitch black sea not seeing what is around you I wanted to experience this. And what can I say – amazing. Swimming through fluorescent particles in black water which just flow over your body is just very special. I like!