Another long and hard day! Our dreams and craving for mussels and Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc made us insane. We talked about it the entire day yesterday already and therefore decided to do a long day today again to be at the Mussel Pot in Havlock tomorrow for lunch. So the alarm went off at 6.10h (sunrise is now at 7:09h) and at 7.20h we were hiking already. Only delayed because I have seen my first Weka today – directly when we left the hut. 

The rest of the day was not very spectacular. We did a steep descent at the beginning from over 1.000m to around 300m just to climb it again directly afterwards. Of course in the typical manner of up and down. Not to be mentioned that we had to go it down again afterwards. Based on the trail notes our day was 25km and an estimated walking time of 12h.

 But during the day our craving for mussels was getting stronger and stronger. I would say half of our conversations just circled around the question what we will have when we get to the Mussel Pot and the Cloudy Bay Vineyard.

So eventually we decided to put another 5km and estimated 2.5h on top to the last hut in this section just to make sure we will have enough time for our food program tomorrow! 30km, thousands of meters in altitude and more than 12h later we arrived at Captian Creek Hut next to Pelarus River. We had our own beach, the river was not to cold and perfect for a swim after the long day. Only coming out afterwards was nasty – no surprise the sandflies attacked us in hundreds.

We made a nice fire in the hut and went to bed. 6.10h wake up call – mission: mussels & Sauvignon Blanc ?

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