Today is mussel day! Alarm at 6h and then we started running completely obsessed with the thought of having mussels for lunch. 
The trail followed the Pelorus River in the classical up and down pattern. The river though is very beautiful with its greenish colour and all of the deep pools.

After that another 12km of gravel road until we hit the Pelorus River Bridge and the first cafe at 12:45h: flat white and ice cream!!!

And from there we hitchhiked to Havlock to the Mussel Pot! We must have looked like about to starve outlaws when we came into the restaurant ordered half of the menu and how we jumped on the food when it arrived ?

OMG – it was even better than we dreamed of! Life can be so great.

Next mission: Cloudy Bay Vineyard! I actually know this one because we had their Sauvignon Blanc on board of our Lufthansa flights in November and December and I loved them. So we hitchhiked to Blenheim – this is so much easier with two pretty girls. I always had to hide in he shade and two minutes later we had a ride ?

Cloudy Bay was great – we tasted a few wines and a fantastic cheese platter before we stacked up with bottles for the next two days. Sauvignon Blanc from 2014, 2015, their Te Koko and sparkling wine.  

Hitched to Picton to stay the night – it was quite booked so we ended up renting an entire house. And what a house! Three bedrooms, spacious everything and a balcony facing the waterfront. That’s my life now! ?  

We picked up nice finger food in the supermarket and enjoyed our home for the night with Cloudy Bay, food and the view…

Had a fabulous dinner in town with all kinds of fresh stuff and great deserts before went back to our castle. Finished the sparkling wine and chocolate with a long and intensive chat until early in the morning. And now a nice and soft bed with a pillow – Team NOBO goes to sleep. A well deserved end of this section and for all that happened on the way I would say.

My legs also deserve a break and recovery… 

Love my life! ?

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