Today I was the late one – I was so sore and in pain from the bike ride… I really think it’s good that I am doing this now and not 10’years later. I am getting to old for this!Impressive, Mr. Newman! ?

We followed the ridge line for about three hours up to 1925m. Officially the highest point on the trail!





But we had lunch before that and Ben and I decided to climb one of the surrounding peaks quickly. So we left our backpacks and sprinted up – amazing view on 2070m.

From the saddle it only went down, partially in very steep slopes. The tussock was beasty since the dry leaves are so slippery that it gets quiet dangerous.



I fell about four or five times today, once even straight forward with my head and hands first because on top my foot also got stuck in the rocks. That’s probably also were my shoe broke. The sole of my left shoe is coming off – let’s hope my German engineering quick fix does it until we reach the next town ?

We bump into a lot of SOBO (South Bounders – since they are heading southwards on the trail. Therefore we are called NOBO…) these days which is nice since they can all give us some hints and details of our next days.

We were very slow today because we took many little breaks. It’s not my rhythm! I always need at least ten to fifteen minutes to get back into my rhythm. Once I am in it I can walk forever. Tested it on the last stretch from Royal to Stone Hut and did 6km of heavy tussock fields and three river crossings in 80 minutes.


Can you spot the trail???


I will take less breaks tomorrow ??

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