It seems to be part of our group DNA – again late, almost two hours. We were all really exhausted after the 10h day yesterday and our bodies apparently called for the rest.We started out at 1200m altitude, pretty much as every day so far. We made our way through tussock fields in the usual up and down mode making a steady ascent towards the highest point of today.

The trail was not bad but usually there were always more than one trail and once you chose the wrong one you got stuck in the tussock again. Really sucked since it really slows you down a lot. Also our friends the speargrass was present heavily – even with another species which is not as strong but therefore smaller and aiming for your feet and lower ankles…

Beautiful landscape in the Kingdom of Rohan!

From the saddle we gently descended again to the valley and into bush creek. We stopped at Bush Creek Hut for lunch and a rest. I tried to go without breaks today (besides the five I had to take since I ran into people on their way southbound) and it went a lot better. The stretch was estimated with five hours and I only needed four including the chatting breaks.

After lunch it we went on a steep ridge trail down to the stream.

We got the hint to stay in the river instead to take the high trail and so we did. A little more than 3km in the riverbed with more than 30 crossings – but none deeper than waist. But still hard since it was very rocky in the riverbed and so you had to watch every single step.

At the end we arrived the feared Rangitata river. But we had to pick up our food boxes in Mesopotamia Station first – a 2.5km detour one way. When we reached the Station and we received the boxes from Sue she offered us to stay in the old School Building if we didn’t want to cross the river anymore today.

We went down to the building and unpacked our food boxes I had sent for Ben and myself. We couldn’t stop laughing… You could tell so easily that I was hungry when I stacked the boxes! We have way to much food now! It was so hilarious.

On the entire trial you are always careful not to eat to much and now we had so much that we couldn’t carry it. So we just started eating chocolate, gummies, nuts and everything else. We also decided to stay in the school – just have a look yourself why ?

More food and a shower. Tomorrow the big day of Rangitata!