Ben and I started early after we had to sit out an entire day of rain in the hut.

Clouds were still hanging low but at least it was dry from the top. We were happy to cross the swing bridge after one hour and not having to ford the river again after the heavy rain.

We continued on the gravel road and again it did not take long until the first Kiwi stopped to ask us if we want a ride. Great people!

We continued further into the valley with already some nice views. My ankle is getting better every day now! Funny that this works with going 25-30km every day…

We finally entered the valley of Mavora lake – what a beautiful lake and nice views!

 Ben and I are really enjoying the company – not only we are going on a very similar speed always alternating pushing and setting the speed. No, we also enjoy making fun of the Germans and the French vice versa. I have to admit for a French guy he his actually very cool. Jawohl! ?

We arrived in our intended hut for the night were I had an interesting chat with an American who was guiding for 13 years on the Denali. He really hooked me on this one again and said – if I can walk from south to north of NZ I can also easily climb Denali. Season is on until July. So maybe something to do after NZ…?! ?

But we continued to Boundry Hut which gave us another 33km day – but what a fantastic finish entering the next valley!

We arrived in the hut and it was already full. 3 Kiwis and one Aussi. But great Kiwi hospitality again! The guys were out to have a few beers and to go hunting in the morning. So first of all we were invited for a couple of beers and then offered an inflatable mattress so we didn’t have to pitch our tent. We also practised our shooting skills with some of the rifles but we didn’t do very good with the shotguns on the moving clay targets… Still fun to try! Thanks guys!!

Wayne is working on a golf course in Queenstown and invited me to play a round when I am in town – so I guess that will be my first round of golf!!!? Jiehaaaa!

The night was horrible since the air mattress had a hole and Ben and I were floating the entire night. Movements, sounds, everything – but no sleep…

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