Easy stroll out of the valley following the stream into Lake Wakatipu – official end of the trail. From here you have to make your way to Queenstown where the trail continues.

We had a quick break and suddenly a Dutch trail angel, Robert, showed up who gave us a lift all the way to Queenstown where we stopped at a campsite close to the town since all hotels and backpackers were fully booked!Ben and I enjoyed a nice swim in the lake and a few beers we catered on the way.

My feet are actually ok again – but the sand flies are eating me alive! It especially hurts on my feet since I seem to have allergic reactions on them and I do scratch a lot until I have open wounds – that of course doesn’t help when wearing boots with wet socks the entire day ? From now on it will have to go the German way – sandals with socks when I don’t were boots.


Tomorrow we will go to town and sort out the gear and the food boxes for the next week.

Started raining so we will go into the tents now and relax.

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