I had decided to go to Auckland to rest my ankle. So I took a bus and arrived in the afternoon. Sarah is so kind to let me crash at her place. That makes my stay of course even more pleasurable. Not only can I meet up with all the other people in Auckland but also Sarah and I have a lot of time to catch up. So we got some pizza on the way home and caught up on the last weeks.
Next morning she took me into the city and I started my recovery program. Long and intensive breakfast, many flat whites and concentrating on my book ?

What can I say. The day continued and the only thing that slightly changed was the bar and the type of food. Great to sit in the city during a normal work day not feeling guilty having the first beer at 2pm ?
Life is great! A sprained ankle once in a while ain’t to bad ?

I tried to find a couple of books to keep me busy during the next day but did not succeed. My mission for tomorrow!
So I went back to the office to pick up Sarah so we could have dinner in town. She told me that she still needs to set up the computer for a new colleague arriving next week so I offered to help her with this – I do have a lot of free time currently… And so I started my internship. Back in the game!!! ?

A nice dinner at a French place (@ Frenchi: Can you believe?!? ?) and many philosophical hours later also rest day no. 3 was already over. Good that my ankle is only healing slowly ?
My life seems to get a routine again. I went into town again with Sarah and after saying “hello” to the rest of the colleagues I had more good food and coffee I town and finished my book. What a great story that makes you think about life even more. I have the feeling I am currently in a state of mind that is also a fruitful ground for these impulses. Thank you Eva for the recommendation! I really enjoyed it.
You could think my day ended similar to the previous ones – but listen to this! Little NOBO Katie arrived from Whangarei and picked me up in town. We drove out to Mission Bay and St. Heliers (one of the posh places in town). And while the two of us were sitting at the beach waiting for the other NOBO to finish work and join us, a guy chatted us up. He asked if we were interested in trying some fresh food and give a statement on it. Since we didn’t have much to do we said sure, why not. And the. Everything happened very quickly. Another guy showed up and asked if he could take some close up pictures (he said he had taken a few ones from the distance already…) and after that dragged us to a food truck. The guy that cooked the food was Michael Van de Elzen – a famous TV cook and book author in New Zealand. So we tried some food and chatted with him while the cameras where. Turned out that they were doing a commercial for a new Uncle Bens rice product. After the take we finished our food and were given a pack of the new product to be released next week as a thank you. The guy in charge came up again and asked us if he could do a few more takes with us. Very understandable since Katie and I are of course TV professionals. The beauty and the hobo ? I am telling you – the beard and the hat, it works!
So they did another take with us and gave us a whole bag of rice packs. We chatted with Michael and had a lot of fun.
Let’s see – maybe Katie and I will become famous TV stars in New Zealand next week. That would be the funniest story ever…!

Maja turned up and Team NOBO was united again. We had a lot of laughs. I love my new little family. Maybe I have to get a tattoo with “NOBO forever” soon ?
Sarah also joined us for dinner and we had a great night out.
Ankle, heal slowly. Please… ?

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