After being stuck in Ohai with nothing to do after replying to mails and updating the blog and no other trampers to chat with my earlier trail angel Rebecca picked me up and took me back to Riverton for the night and the next day. So we went out for the long awaited and well deserved dinner: squid salad and ribeye with kalamta olives, home made smoked gnocchi and veggies. Wine and beer on top of course ?



Next day Rebecca gave me her jeep so I was mobile and picked up another TA (Te Araroa) tramper, Ben, to check on the next day and just chat a little bit. Weather was nasty with heavy winds so we enjoyed a long day in a coffee place after breakfast. We organised resupply in the supermarket, got stuff from the pharmacy and I sent a few things to Auckland to save another 600gr.!

Then I drove the jeep together with the horse trailer to Invercargill for Rebecca – first time driving with a trailer for me. I even managed to turn it around in a driveway driving backwards ?

After a joint and delicious dinner Rebecca and Ben dropped me off at Ohai again at the place I actually stayed and where all my gear was. I dropped in and surprisingly there were two more trampers, Max from Germany and Justin from the US. After a quick chat we decided to go together tomorrow.