It’s so great. Four month ago I probably would have been (politely formulated) annoyed by getting thrown off the trail and the delay. Not being able to continue, delaying the trip and sitting around with nothing to do. Now I am actually enjoying the break. No walking for a few days, great food and drinks doesn’t sound to bad at all. Tomorrow I will try to get a new book and take it as it comes.
So today I went into town and sorted out my gear issues. Lauren at Kathmandu was very helpful even though they didn’t have my loved Speedcross 3 in stock. But she organised the claim with Salomon and sent the shoes off. I managed to get a pair in a different job. I am so glad! Only the colour changed from yellow to blue which I am glad about. It wouldn’t have felt right to get the same colour again. Yellow rests in peace now…

I also do have new tips for my poles including rubber covers for the road and finally found gaiters for my shoes. They prevent rocks, sand and other stuff to constantly get into the low cut shoes. Since my legs are so skinny I had to find an alternator to sew them tighter. A new pair of socks.

Since I am really slow limping around it took me almost all day. And the rest I enjoyed: beer (I know I am not supposed to but look what I found!), burger and golf on sky!