On Sunday it was finally time for the first VBB-House hiking trip!! We decided for Garibaldi lakes and a nice side trip to Black Tusk Mountain.

Even though we ran a little bit late because we had to pick up some stuff, organise a rental car, do the food shopping we left in a good mood for the trip. Fully prepared with a good breakfast and a smoothie from our new blender! Jiehaaa – healthy times!

We were all really excited to finally get out!

So we ended up running up to our campsite at around 1700m absl. Quickly pitched our tents, stored our food in the shelter to protect it from the bears. The ranger also came up to us to tell us that they have a “problem bear” in the area who frequently comes to the camp and also in the tents in the search for food. And he isn’t really scared of humans anymore. Be aware of the bear ?

Our mission for today was the Black Tusk – a surrounding peak with 2.319m. A beautiful stroll through the area and another steep climb on the way up.

Unfortunately the clouds pushed in and the visibility dropped to about 80 meters. The last bit was really steep and and on a challenging scree slope. Also some snow fields in the way.

But at the end “Team Salomon Speedcross 3” made it to the top!

The way down was even harder. The slope was so steep that we had a hard time staying on our feet. Also the limited visibility didn’t really help. We lost the trail for a bit but fortunately “The German” was prepared with GPS and the maps. The rain started when we left the peak and made it even harder on us. The rocks were slippery and we were also getting soaking wet. So we were quite happy when we made it back to the campsite and prepared hot tea and a great couscous dinner!


Everything was wet. Pants, underwear, shoes, socks, t-shirt, buff, the backpack. It was great. Many trail memories hit me. You get rid of the wet stuff and just crawl in your dry sleeping bag – perfect!

Next morning we got up at 5.30 to make a little detour to Lake Garibaldi before going back. The weather cleared up a little bit and the rain was gone. What a beautiful set up! Even with low clouds quite a scenery.

And then a nice and easy 10km walk downhill back to the car. What a weekend…