My first visitor from back home in Vancouver – RGT aka Andi Rieckert came over for a couple of days. And guess what he brought me. Finally we are united again… ?

We had a nice evening catching up with beers, burgers, waterfront view and a beautiful sunset. It was really weird but it didn’t feel like over seven month at all. Rather like just a few weeks. Crazy after all which had happened in the last month…

But on Monday it was finally time to hit some balls again. We decided on the fancy courses of course: Furry Creek and Squamish. It was great fun to get there already – taking the babe out in the mountains ?

Furry Creek was a spectacular course! Starting on tee one with probably 60m of elevation between the tee box and the fairway. Time to kick Rieckert’s ass! ?

I also started out with a nice birdie for the beginning just making sure he knows what to expect from the next hours… ?

The first round in Furry Creek was really nice. Just a few more impressions of the course and the game. Of course we battled each other and did the favourite matchplay again. After going into the lead with two up Rieckert fought his way back ending up with two up and two to go. I managed to tie this on 18 which brings us to 2.5 to 1.5 on our eternal leaderboard.

The second round in Squamish was “interesting”. I don’t know if it was lack of talent, practise, exhaustion or a combination of all. We sucked badly and didn’t manage to hit one straight ball. But the skills are still there – I just concentrated on the landscape and enjoyed having a golf bag on my back again listening to the great sound of clattering clubs.

Andi at the end still managed to beat the crap out of me and called this a round a victory for him. 2.5 to 2.5 on the eternal battle board. I am calling for a return match!

What a great day! I really missed golf. The UBC university golf course is five minutes away from my new place. I guess I will spend a lot of time there now if I am not up in the air ?

Thanks Andi for coming over, brining my clubs, beating the shit out of me and to catch up. We know where to get the salmon now so you should have any problems influencing your flight schedule again ?