I was really used to the my loved hobo look. But I realised I didn’t not really want to have long hair – it’s just to warm. Especially doing a lot of sports and sweating almost every day with this, long hair is not really an option. Especially after our hike to Black Tusk I was just a little bit annoyed of the mess on my head. Nevertheless, giving up everything which I had grown for the last seven month also felt wrong.
How then transforming from the hobo to a practical and cool city boy without loosing everything and keeping a bit of the old spirit…?

As always when I decide on something – it has to happen immediately. It always takes a while for me to figure out what I want, will do, need, etc. but once this decision is taken I hate waiting even for 5 minutes to do it or get it. So after the Hike with the VBB and a day back in the city where I thought about it – it was clear to me. Something has to happen. Now.

I was out for dinner with a friend and at 19:30 after having a great Sushi dinner I said: “I need a haircut. Now.”. So we googled the the closest barber and ten minutes later Miso took care of me. She asked me several times if I really wanted to do it – but yes. Decision taken.

And that’s what she did.
@Thomas: What do you think? Can I go as a half-Italian now? It definitely looks slick… ?

Compare before and after (Hasselhoff vs. Italia):

And it also suits the Corvette ?

I am very happy. Finally I can feel the air again while driving and running. Back in the game!