I know – after having barely nothing for six month and enjoying the liberation by this it sounds and looks quite weird. But on the other hand it is just a lot of fun at the moment. Maybe especially because I did not have anything for a longer time.

So to match my new life style as a pilot-hipster with my “VBB – Vancouver Bearded Brothers” now I decided to get a proper car for the time I am here. Since the ride to the airport is probably about 40min one way almost every day and it is summer time – of course it had to be a convertible. And here she is – my baby.

It’s a 1982 (my year of birth) Chevrolet Corvette with a V8 5.7l engine. The sound is incredible. ? What can I say. I only have her since two days and I still can’t stop smiling when I turn on the engine. What a great car. A boys dream came true… Can’t wait to take her out on the backroads in the mountains.

Well besides this we have been heavily investing time in finding an apartment this weekend hoping to close the chapter tomorrow with a positive reply and a moving date latest 1st August. But it’s not looking too bad.

And there was more flying going on. Refuled my plane for the first time and did more exercises with Sergi. We practised Flight for Range and Endurance, Slow Flights and I also stalled and recovered the Citabria for the first time – on purpose of course. The landing this time was already a lot easier. I am really enjoying this small and agile aircraft.