After the road trip I unfortunately had no excuse anymore to postpone my research and decision on what to do next. Until now I had things to do with which I could excuse not deciding on the next steps but now…
I have to admit I really like New Zealand and I could also see myself spending more time here. It is just a great place. And it has just recently been awarded the 4th place on the most peaceful countries in the world after Iceland, Denmark and Austria. So I guess it’s a good place to stay especially when watching the news and seeing what is going on in other parts of the world at the moment.
But I guess as long as I am still free without a job or/and other obligations I should make the most out of my freedom and see some more places of this planet. I can always come back – and will for sure!

So Saturday because of a lucky catch and a good friend who managed to organise some last minute tickets Sarah and I went to the All Blacks game against Wales. Of course I had to go shopping and equip myself properly before we went. ?

But what next? I postponed my research until Tuesday this week. Why? Because I had decided to buy a notebook so I could research properly. Also I of course wanted to make sure I look like a proper hipster when I do sit in the cafes, drinking flat whites and think about life. Why Tuesday? This is when apple’s WWDC took place and I just wanted to make sure they don’t come out with a new MacBook just three days after I bought mine. Puuhhh. Three more days of freedom 🙂

But of course the thinking had already started and the more I thought about what I could do next the more I realised that I wanted to do way more things than I could fit into the next six month. And the general question of course arises. Do I want to go back at all?

Currently I do feel like l would like to do something for a while where I can sit in a nice cafe at the beach, drink coffee, type some stuff into my cool MacBook and once in a while close it to go surfing for a while, come back, have more coffee and do some more typing. Only problem. I don’t really what to type… ? Or what to type that I could make a living of. I guess that’s something I have to find out the next month.

Anyways, the list is long already and the more I think of stuff to do, the longer it gets. So far the bucket list contains:
– Improving my Spanish in South America.
– Hiking in Peru, Bolivia, etc.
– Kite surfing course
– The Amazon River
– Climbing Denali and a few other mountains – four more on the list ?
– Traversing Iceland South to North
– Getting my pilot license
– Trekking in Nepal
– And many more small things

So my original plan was to make use of the summer on the northern hemisphere for some of the outdoor stuff. Sunday changed this a little bit. I herewith officially admit, I am accident prone. I am. When I ran into Sarah’s couch the toe and the rest of the foot had different plans direction wise. The toe went to the left and rest to the right causing my pinky toe to stand out in a 45 degree angle. It didn’t look good. So I just pulled it out and straight again which resulted in a series of cracking noises. But it definitely looked better afterwards. Not fully straight but acceptable. Of course I refused to go to the hospital. But next morning Sarah told me I would not be allowed to stay with her anymore If I would not go to the doctor. Well, what can I say. It’s a clear fraction of the middle bone and the the toe still sticks out 15 degrees. 4-6 weeks recovery time. I guess that’s just what it is now.

So on Tuesday I finally picked up my new toy and since then I have been sitting in or in front of my favourite cafe in Auckland, the scarecrow, typing. I did some research on the next steps now with the limitation that I won’t be able to walk for the next four weeks. It really sucks!

Well, at least my body is adjusted again to at least 6-9 coffees a day and Sarah and I have a great time in and around Auckland. I guess she will be ver glad when I finally leave the country and she gets more sleep. ?

I spent the weekend with my Buncle-family south of Auckland and we caught up which was really nice. I have really enjoyed being back with my family. I had the chance to enjoy another of Ella’s hockey games, a performance of Thomas in the school band, a joint cheer for the next All Blacks game, some joint efforts on the next big conservational pest control project in Ararimu and in a joint family effort we developed a logo for “The Buncle”. Credits to Ella for the brand name and Thomas for the artwork! You guys are hilarious and great!! Can you tell the origin of the logo…? Only the business idea is missing now…

Well tomorrow I will start two projects for the week. But I will not tell yet. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted.

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