Being back in the city is incredible. Time is just flying and the days just pass by so quickly. Already last week I finished my barista course – I am now a officially certified barista:

Not that I do have any intentions to use it professionally at the moment but I really enjoyed going back to school and learn something. It is really funny to see the difference between things you have to do and you like to do. Going to school or uni and “have to” is such a difference to “I don’t have to but want to”.

Besides the course I unfortunately couldn’t continue with my paint job any further since we had a lot of rain during the last days.

Since I was asked about my new job – it is not really a job. I am just helping out a friend who is renovating his house.

So Sarah and I just enjoyed our days and evenings and had a lot of laughs.

Steph, one of Sarah’s daughters, came over from Melbourne last weekend. So I finally got to meet my new sister in real life. After having heard a lot, talked on the phone and woken up next to her pictures in my room I finally got to met her.

I am getting more and more family ties. I guess it shouldn’t be a problem to apply for a permanent residency anymore… ?

What eles – I spend a lot of time in my favourite cafe, the Scarecrow. A very fine, individual and cosy cafe. I even managed to spend an entire day there without leaving once. Breakfast at 9.30am and then via lunch and dinner until 7pm. I have the feeling I have become part of the inventory already. I am now also friends with the owners and funny enough we just found to that we had missed each other by one day in one of the huts when Alison and Paul did cross the trail on one of their hikes. Such a small world…

Team NOBO reunited again most probably the last time for quite a while. Maya is off on a long vacation and Katie more or less on her way to Aussie. But not without having a last little get together. Will miss you NOBOs…

I actually used the time in the cafe to sort out the next steps. I figured that I would have to leave New Zealand soon before I would not leave anymore at all. I just love the place to much already. Also to stay with Sarah is just to much fun, exhausting (?) and way to comfortable. So I just have to move on to the next challenge and out of the newly inherited “coffee-comfort-zone”.


So the plan – at least for the next destination – is set and the ticket is already bought. It will be a completely different thing. More on that next week.

But for the next days I decided after all the hard work at my paint job and the barista course I needed a vacation first. So tomorrow I will leave for a five days of Fiji and rest a little bit.