Since the hipster life is not really cheap and all the coffees which I drink during the day must be paid for somehow I had to get a job at one point of time. But what to do?
Since most of my former skills as private holiday planning, bullshit-bingo, FROG (FirmenRundgang ohne Grund) aren’t of any use in the real world I had to start very basic again. Here you can see me doing honest work for the first time ?

After being told my the head painter that he was ok with me since I follow what he says, he does not have to tell me twice and that I would work “langsam aber gut” (he actually said it in German!) my goal for the second day was to speed up a little bit.
So today I toughened up and did some real painting. As you can see the first coat is already on ?

No pain, no gain!

Well and during the night I am back at school since Monday as well. Yes, working on my second career besides being a painter. So what am I doing… Due to my love to coffee, the whole hipster thing and the time I have spent in cafes the last weeks I decided to participate a barista course and become a certified barista.

I can’t stop shaking anymore since yesterday – I don’t know if it is really a good idea to taste and drink every coffee that I prepare in the course… ?
But besides this it’s great fun. I know now the right temperature for milk and how to stretch it properly for cappuccino, flat white and latte, everything about pressure, water temperature, aroma, acidity, body, flavour, the different blends and coffee plants and of course how to make a proper coffee. Now I only need someone to employ me ?