Another early rise. Today we were supposed to hit the first snow patch which was supposedly steep and a bit gnarly. But before that we got to watch an amazing sunrise again. The Trinity Alps showed themselves from their best side. The Touraine became rougher and rockier – just the way I love it.


The views of the rocky mountains with the last remaining snow patches were just incredible. It just reminded me again how much I love mountains. No matter how beautiful the other other stretches where nothing can beat the mountains.


Almost like our Alps 😉

The snow patches had melted down so much that they were no trouble whatsoever to get over.

And quicker then we could actually look we were out of the Trinity Alps and in the Russians. Luckily there was no border control since my passport was at the very bottom of my pack. 😂 I still don’t know how Northern California and Oregon managed to have a bit of Russia between them but the only thing I can say is that the Russians are very beautiful as well…


The rocks changed from a brownish colour to a very white granite. A complete the scenery.



It was a hard day though. We went through a constant up-and-down and that was very tiring especially considering we had a 30 mile day in our legs on the day before.

We arrived on our agreed camp spot which was a beautiful league secluded in a very narrow valley. Of course I couldn’t resist to go for a little dip even though the water was quite brisk.

Five more miles to burgers tomorrow 🤘🏼
Trail blazing – making your own trail / off trail
Yellow blazing – hitch hiking (following the yellow lanes on the road)
Pork blazing – running the last miles to town to get food 😉