We started win another foto session on blue lake. Spectacular colours and pictures! The lake is really amazing. 

 We decided to change the trail a little bit from the official TA. Instead of going over the Traverse Saddle we will continue down the valley to Sabine Hut and then cut east to Lake Angelus which is supposed to be very nice. So easy 20km day today ?

The river which derives from Blue Lake is amazing. At the beginning it is also very steep and strong.

 The track is getting mossy which gives beautifully covered trees again.

 We also found out where the fermented smell comes from. It is actually a mushroom which produces a kind of honey which attracts the wasps. The drops hang on little straws. Interesting enough they don’t really have a taste – I tried ?

We followed Sabine River which also has a beautiful blue colour until we hit this goarch. Perfect blue colour and perfect depth for Krampen-Springen!

@Maui: I would have loved to do so but the logs irritated me, there was no way to get out and my pack was to heavy for a Krampe ?

 Our journey ended at lake Rotoroa. Very beautiful but unfortunately again a spot which was fully in control of the sandflies, wasps and bumble bees. Anyways we still jumped into the lake and got the sweat and dirt from the last five days off. Feels great. Only getting dry and dressed without getting eaten alive – but you just have to walk and never stop while you do this ?

Beautiful sunset on the lake…