Still can’t really believe this is happening! I was invited as a guest to the amazing radio show “SWR1 Leute”. What an honour…

Andrea Ballschuh who is moderating the show interviewed me for the two hour show. Since I will be in the mountains already when the show will be on air we pre-recorded it last week.


So actually I will not be able to listen to it when it will be broadcasted. I guess I’ll have to wait until I am back to get the chance.

But if you are interested make sure you tune in SWR1 Leute on Sunday, 21. July. You can also stream it online:

And with this – tomorrow at 9 o’clock I will be heading off to San Sebastian for the hike. Last minute things to organise now and then I will hit the road.
Four weeks of mountains and digital detox. I won’t be available via phone, text, WhatsApp and “WhatEver” …😉

But expect some photos and updates from the tour on the blog from tomorrow on.

#happytrails & #dowhatmakegood