As always I was running behind schedule a bit with my preparation. Besides the planning of the trip I also hadand wanted to get as much done as possible for campo to not leave anything on top with Matthias and Fabi. So the last days involved quite a bit of juggling. When I went to bed at 1am this morning I was a) exhausted, b) sure and c) I couldn‘t believe at all that this was my last night in a bed. When I got up this morning at 7 I was far away from being relaxed and in hiking-mode…

Even today after a bit of an odyssey flying from Frankfurt to Pamplona, getting a shuttle to the bus terminal, the next bus to San Sebastian, changing into the next bus to Hendaye and them walking the rest of the way to the Atlantic Ocean it feels super strange. Now it will show if the last weeks with way too little hiking preparation will be enough for the slightly ambitious schedule…

And then I was at the Atlantic. I dipped my hands in the overcrowded water, picked up a gas canister in the shop – unfortunately they only had big ones which will probably last until the end of the trail – sorted out my gear and finally left town at around 5.30pm.

Surprisingly it was pretty cloudy and good for the climbing in open field today.




A few more impressions from the trail and probably good by to the Atlantic:



itched my tent at 9pm. Good day to start out with. I can’t properly track my distance without the GPS but I guess I did around 16km. Good night.